Quality with experience

Technology needs expertise and passion: only through an ongoing search for improvement can the satisfaction of the customer be ensured while offering a high quality product. From design to production, Lucchese Industria is making innovation its pillar, ensuring an updated and competitive service.
Watchwords: research, new technologies and innovative patents.
Lucchese industria devotes particular attention to preliminary analysis: Design Fmea and process Fmea. Here, for us, are focussed the secret of a high quality product and great innovation. This is the time of dialogue with the customer which will obtain solutions, customisation, attention to the technical and aesthetic details and competitiveness.
You the customer are the main player, an integral part of our production process. It starts with dialogue and continues with the guarantee of a personalised service, built on your needs. Only in this way can very high results relating to quality, mechanics, aesthetics and competitiveness be achieved.

Our strength: involvement. Every member of Lucchese Industria is responsible for and involved in the production process: everyone feels they are protagonists thanks to continuous training and the mutual exchange of ideas. For us, this is the key to excellence and quality.
Obtaining a quality product at a competitive price is possible. This is all thanks to the virtuous circle to which Lucchese Industria is witness: attention to the customer, technology, research, innovation and respect for the environment.
The technologies and the equipment used respect the environment: we believe that industry should blend with the ecosystem in a sustainable manner and be respectful of the context that encompasses it. The attention to the customer starts here, from the attention to their world and to the environment in which they live.

From the mold to the perfect product

Product, technical data

From research and experience are created the plastic components for the automotive sector and others of Lucchese industria, with a wide range of customisations: aesthetic parts in bi-tri-component, coloured, transparent, chrome-plated, painted and silk-screened, items in bi-tri-component with plastic, metal and/or carbon inserts, without the aid of adhesives.

  • Patents of molds for any production
  • Design and construction of internal molds
  • Department of injection molding machines 2-3 K
  • Grouping of sub-assemblies

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